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“HealthDirect’s pharmacy relationship with Evergreen and Nick Hall is fantastic. Nick’s leadership and commitment to the residents, families, and staff at Evergreen is visible and apparent each and every day. His integrity, support, and loyalty to our long-term partnership allows both or our organizations to focus on outstanding individualized care for the residents at Evergreen.”
Jim Shireman

Client Services Manager



As an advisor that works with all personal care and assisted living communities in the area, it is nice to work with Nick, CEO/COO and the team at Personal Care at Evergreen.  Every time that I call with a potential resident to consider Evergreen, Nick is always very responsive and honest about their availability as well as their ability to potentially care for this person.  Communication is always key when working with communities as each person has different needs, so having constant and consistent communication is very important and I feel that is one of Nick’s and the staff’s greatest strengths. If there is ever a question or concern, it is always addressed promptly with open lines of communication. 

              Another nice aspect of the team at Evergreen is that since the buildings are not overly large, each staff member is able to really get to know and understand each need of each individual resident that is with them.  It is nice that the staff can almost know when someone will need something before the resident needs to reach out.  The buildings are large enough to provide the amenities and comfort of a senior living community, but small enough to where the residents can get the care and attention each one desires. 

Ben Meyer, CDP, CSA®

Oasis Senior Advisors Southwest PA



To the entire staff at Evergreen,


There aren’t enough words to express how happy my family and I (especially) are that we chose you to be a home for mom. The love and kindness everyone showed to mom was amazing – she wasn’t always “easy” – she was an incredible, determined individual – but the Evergreen staff always went out of their way (Everyone!) to find ways to make her comfortable & happy. And when my life was demanding, losing Teddy, trying to keep my job & life together – I had the confidence that you were all there for our dear Gloria!


Family member: Linda Friehling

Resident’s name: Gloria Friehling



Lori, I can’t thank you enough for providing care for my dad in his final weeks. Your staff is very patient and friendly. Even when my dad was not have a good day, everyone was upbeat. You didn’t let h im just lay in bed or sit in his room; that really helped him I believe; just having some interaction. Your facility just had a good vibe to it. Even when I toured it earlier in December. Please extend my sincere thanks to everyone there.


Family member John M Maslany (son)



I feel very blessed to have found this place to assist with my mom. She seems happy here and the staff are all very nice and take very good care of their residents.

Leisa Jo Shawley


We were very happy when we found Personal Care at Evergreen Washington for my dad. They treat all the residents like family. Highly recommend


Stacy Lemley Till


November 4, 2021 my mother, 93 years old, admitted to Evergreen Personal Care, Washington PA.   Her husband was not able to care for her at home as it was no longer safe.   It was time to make a transition.   We toured various places.  When we toured Evergreen there was something different.   We knew we were home.


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We chose Personal Care at Evergreen because it was the closest to where I live and work so I can visit often - also if there was any problems I could be right there. When I call they answer my questions and are very responsive. If they are not there they call back in a timely manner. I would recommend the facility to others looking.  



I'm a loved one of a resident or client

Dear Lori,


            I can't begin to thank you for the exceptional, professional, and compassionate care that my mother Libby Gutta, received during the past six years at Evergreen. Your staff have treated my mother like she was a member of their family. They were able to make her smile and laugh, as well as comfort her when she was unsure or frightened. As my mother's dementia got worse, I witnessed your caring staff giving her their utmost care physcially as well as mentally. Bringing in WV Caring was a wonderful idea of yours! It was so wonderful that as my mother's illness progressed, she was able to stay at Evergreen where she was familiar and could be comforted by your staff that knew and loved her.


            As she was leaving this earth for her heavenly home, I have never witnessed such love and care given by your staff! They were in and out of her room, constantly checking on her and to ensure that she was as comfortable as possible and not in pain. They were hugging her, talking to her, and showing her their love. Their hearts were breaking when she passed. All staff on duty came by to tell her they loved her and goodbye. I can only hope that when my time come to leave this world, that I will be fortunate enough to be treated with exceptional care, compassion, and love like my mother was.


            May God bless you and your staff always! We want to provide a meal to show our appreciation to you and your staff as soon as possible. Please let me know what day and time would work best for all of you.



Becky Gutta Miller

To Evergreen Personal Care of Waynesburg, Pa:


We are transitioning into a new year and I am very excited about our newer partnership with Evergreen Waynesburg, and I wanted to say Thank You Mr. Hall!! 


As a provider for home health and hospice in your Waynesburg community, we see first-hand the level of commitment to the residents care and quality of life . One of the toughest hurdles we face when caring for individuals in a personal care home is the communication.  Working with you and your team, they go above and beyond to work with us by giving timely updates, assisting in care when needed, and making our team feel like they are part of your Evergreen family. When we get a new referral, it is a process of getting to know the patient whether we are setting therapy goals for recovering from a broken hip or determining a plan for end of life care and pain management  We are usually walking in blindly and figuring out the best route of care.   The fact that I have a direct line of contact to yourself and the Director of Nursing makes this process so much easier and most efficient. 


I am grateful to your team, but also want to stress that your involvement and constant contact and report on the residents coming on board with services has supported us to give the best possible care to your residents and families.  Looking forward to making 2022 an amazing year as we continue to grow together.  Please let me know if there is anything you need.


Thank you for your dedication to making this a successful union of services to offer those that live at the Waynesburg Evergreen Personal Care Home.


Racheal Caddy

OSPTA Home Health and Hospice

Director of Business Development

To Evergreen Personal Care of Waynesburg, PA: 


I would like to thank the staff for their care, compassion and dedication to their residents.  My mother has been a resident for the past 7 years and has received great care.


As we reflect back on the past year and dealing with the pandemic of the covid virus many holidays have missed, however, the staff remembered my mother who turned 97 and they surprised her with balloons and a small gift to make her day special.  

They strive to continue activities in a family atmosphere. I would like to say that the new Director, Nick Hall, has been very cordial and offers his assistance to our family in anyway he can.


So, with this being said, I greatly appreciate you all for the wonderful care of my mother and I would highly recommend Evergreen Personal Care home to care for your family as well.



Monna Phillips (current resident's daughter) 

Charlie has been a resident at Evergreen Personal Care now for 10 years. Charlie says Evergreen is a good place to live. It has friendly staff that provides good care to the residents. "We are fed 3 good meals a day and have lots of fun activities."


~Waynesburg Location

I came to Personal Care at Evergreen in September of 2015 in hopes to follow my mothers footsteps and make a difference in the lives of many. I had a passion to care for people of all kinds. During my time here I have cared for many and have grown to love each as my own family. I have built many long lasting relationships not only with our resident’s but their families as well.


Shonia (current employee)

When looking for a place for my elderly parents, I hoped for a place that reminded me of home and family, with comfortable surroundings, home cooked meals, and caring staff. After visiting several other facilities in the area, I found all of the above by choosing Personal Care at Evergreen. It was just the right size to promote community, provide a personal touch, and ensure safety for my loved ones. When asked, my mother doesn't hesitate to compliment the Evergreen staff for the daily care that she receives. Even in a pandemic, I've been grateful for communication from the staff and felt secure that my parents were well taken care of during these trying times.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Personal Care at Evergreen to friends and neighbors.


Kathy Shaw (current resident's daughter)


When a parent needs 24 hour care, choosing the right care center can be overwhelming. You are focused on selecting the center with the best care, atmosphere, and companionship while juggling costs and finances.


I am so thankful that a good friend recommended Personal Care at Evergreen to us. I contacted director Nick Hall, and he set up a meeting with the nursing manager Matt. They quickly assessed my mom's needs and care plan. She was able to move in shortly afterwards. Both the administrators and staff are accessible and very responsive when I contact them.


The accommodations at Evergreen are very comfortable from the suites to the family style television room and dining room. The staff follows her special diet plan, and she looks forward to delicious home-cooked meals. There are plenty of extra services, including housekeeping, laundry service, a hair stylist, physician visits, physical therapy, activities, and scheduled transportation.


The staff takes the time to get to know the residents including which chair is her favorite in the family room, how to charge her hearing aids, and which slippers are the comfortable ones. We are so grateful for your compassion. Thank you for providing exceptional care for mom and giving us peace of mind.



Adrenne Davis (current resident's daughter)

Evergreen is a very clean and lovely assisted living facility in Waynesburg. The staff and administration are very friendly, caring, and efficient. The residents enjoy living here. Activities are encouraged. Meals are very good and on time.


Mr. and Mrs. James Severini


In our experience, Evergreen has been dedicated to providing for and meeting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of our loved one.


The staff has shown incredible fortitude and sacrifice during the unique challenges of the pandemic. Even at times going above and beyond the call of duty. We greatly express our appreciation and gratitude for their commitment to the residents' well-being.


As with anything in life, problems and challenges are inevitable. The staff at Evergreen have consistently been there to smooth out the bumps and get past the roadblocks.


Evergreen management has been diligent as to working out that delicate balance between meeting family needs and adhering to government guidelines to ensure resident safety.


Gary and Tammy McCarty


At the end of June 2020, my father suddenly passed away. I was left with the gut wrenching decision as to how I would care for my mother. Unfortunately, she needed much more care than what I could give her. Through divine intervention I found Personal Care at Evergreen in Waynesburg.


Before my mom arrived at Evergreen, the only thing she would do is smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, and sit in her chair all day. She had no desire to leave the house anymore. It took an adjustment period, but she has become quite social, and will now get involved with doing activities such as crafting, bingo, cooking, etc. She now is able to have her hair styled every week, and looks forward to visits with the family. We bring her home for dinners, take her out for ice cream and rides in the country.


The staff has been so amazing with her. The adminstrator (Nick) has done an amazing job reorganizing his staff. He makes himself available to the families and his staff. I can't say enough good things about Nick and his entire staff.


I would highly recommend Personal Care at Evergreen. I am able to sleep at nights, knowing that my mom is well taken care of.



Evergreen is a very clean and lovely assisted living facility in Waynesburg. The staff and administration are very friendly, caring, and efficient. The residents enjoy living here. Activities are encouraged. Meals are very good and on time.


Mr. and Mrs. James Severini


After a hospital stay  we were so fortunate that Evergreen was able to accept my husband and give him the 24 hour care that I could not provide. 

He has a nice large room with an attached bath, television, and sitting area for visitors. 

The staff has been wonderful. 

He’s taken to the dining room, to the family tv room if desired, and out to sit on the porch when weather permits. 

Because he can’t move around on his own they’ve brought him snacks and drinks to the room. 

During the time when Covid allowed no visitors they were great to hold an Ipad so that I could Facetime with him. 

Nick, the executive director, and Matt, the nursing manager, have been wonderful to stay in touch with me. They always have time if I need to

talk with them and have pointed out and helped me solve problems. 

I am so appreciative of their help and the kindness of the staff.

We are lucky to have this facility in Waynesburg.

Peggy O'Neil

(As per a 5 out of 5 stars review on


Personal Care at Evergreen in Washington, Pa has a home-like setting.

It's not too institutional.


There' are lots of activities, large screen televisions nto watch the news, ladies that are able to help my brother with the things he needs,

and a chef that prepares good food.

The facility is reasonably clean.

The dining room is adequate for space and lighting.

The staff is friendly and helpful as well.

Its costs a little more than what we had paid before, but we are getting more out of it.


They just need to change their sign outside. You can see it when you're looking directly at it. However, when driving past, it is difficult to see at that angle.


Tom Pitner

(Current Resident's Brother)

Just a note of sincere thanks to the staff these past 8 years of caring for Mom.

You have made it feel like a family atmosphere. God bless each of you for the caring concern you have for your residents.

Enclosed is  a song Mom wanted played at her funeral. This was her desire, and now she is home.

Mamma Sue and Family of Wilda Lemley

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